English @ Work for Service & Operation

English for Hotel Hospitality – 1-Day Skills Workshop

          This one day workshop consists of 6 hours of interactive training focused on the English language needs of professional working in a hotel environment. The workshop will contain introductions to proper polite professional phrases and their potential responses with role-plays and other activities to allow attendees to learn through language usage.

Instructor – Mr.Ian Korman

Mr. Korman has been teaching and instructing English, business management and technical subjects to adults in Asia for over 13 years. He has a Masters’ in Business Management from the US and was formally trained and certified to teach English as a foreign language in Europe.

Workshop Schedule

Morning Session


                  Learning Topics


Opening – Introductions and Warm-Up


Greetings - How to formally and cordially greet guests and welcome throughout their hotel stay

  • How to greet men vs women vs children
  • How to greet guests throughout their stay: morning, afternoon, evening
  • Polite English greeting language


Assistance – Helping guests enjoy their stay at the

  • Greeting vs. Offering to Assist
  • What to say to offer assistance
  • How to establish a guest needs: basic questions and responses


Checking-in and Checking-out – How to help customers at the front desk

  • Confirming guests desire and need to check-in
  • Asking for check-in information and assisting guests to their rooms
  • Asking for check-out information and assisting guests to leave the hotel


Lunch Break

Afternoon Session


 Morning session review


  Serving – Serving food, refreshments and other items

  • What to say when taking orders
  • What to say when delivering and serving guests
  • What to say when presenting the bill


  On the Phone – Telephone English How to properly answer the phone, collect information, take a        room service call, put customers on hold and other general conversation items

  • What to say when properly and professionally answering the phone
  • How to collect information
  • Fulfilling a room service call
  • Placing customers on hold


  Difficult Situations – What to say if a customer is having problems or experiencing an emergency

  • Finding out what type of problem a guest is experiencing
  • Communicating actions that are being taken to assist in solving their problem
  • What to say to comfort guests in distress


  Wrap-up and Final Review



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